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Launched in 2014, Fave Bowties (FBT) blends a classic look with eclectic, modern fashion. FBT is an online shopping experience for hand-crafted neckwear.

Fave Bowties

Respect your neck

Fave Bowties combines uniquely-designed patterns with textiles from around the globe. Our Seasonal Collections feature the latest trends and vintage designs while our Exclusive Collection is re-imagined from vintage materials fearlessly discovered in thrift stores, estate sales and unremembered closets.

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About Me

I'm blessed to live in my purpose while sharing my creative passions with the world. My goal is to encourage others with the gifts God gave to encourage me.

  • Not trying to preach

    I was called to the Gospel ministry and delivered my first sermon on 26 January 2014. My thoughts on life as a minister is captured on my blog Rev. Fave.

  • Drawing from experience

    My comic strips may have gone from sketch to screen; but the inspiration still comes from my soul.

  • Good news, great music

    I've enjoyed being a musician, songwriter, producer and tastemaker. My journey as a podcaster took me from a makeshift studio in my kitchen table to the GRAMMYS® and beyond.

My Mission
To channel my passions for ministry, art, music and writing into positive digital media that pleases God, nourishes my family and uplifts the world.

These websites are the sum total of my online presence.

  • Fave Media

    Creative services consultancy providing digial media solutions for Fortune 50 companies, startups and non-profit organizations.

  • Friday Favecast

    Award-winning podcast featuring the best in indie music, health tips and positive social commentary.

  • A Pug Named Fender

    Music-inspired webcomic featuring the coolest pug ever and his friends.

  • Fave Bowties

    An online shopping experience featuring hand-crafted, eclectic bowties made from custom fabrics and vintage textiles.

  • Rev. Fave

    Blog focused on my calling to preach the Gospel and how it has changed my life.

  • D.V. Robinson

    Cirriculum vitae chronicling my professional milestones.

Talents that aren't shared aren't talents.

My talents have been a wonderful conduit between my imagination and reality.

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